Are Outdoor Hazards Covered in My Business Insurance Policy?

What outdoor hazards are covered by your business insurance policy? You most likely have purchased your business insurance and thought only of the hazards that come from within your company’s walls. Protecting from within your walls is important, but it’s equally important to remember that hazards can come from anywhere, including the outside of your business. It’s important to know the where your coverage borders start, and where your coverage borders end. Outdoor weather-related hazards, Read More

Does My Business Insurance Plan Protect Against Outside Hazards?

Some outdoor hazards may not be covered in your business insurance policy in McKinney, TX. When business owners purchase their business insurance they are often concerned about any potential incidents that are within their building’s walls. And, more often than not, this is the extent of most policies. Some plans may go as far as covering up to 100 feet outside your walls. But what if someone falls on your parking lot, or your outdoor settings get stolen? Know if your business in McKinney, TX Read More

Self Employed? You Need To Read This

The right insurance policies can help to protect your business if you are your own boss. Being self-employed is a dream for many. From making your own schedule to completely eliminating your morning commute, there are many benefits of working for yourself. However, just like working for a corporation, there are many risks that you face when you are self-employed. To ensure that your business is protected, keep these self-employed insurance considerations in mind. Liability insurance – Read More

Your Business Insurance Questions Answered!

We cover the basics of what business insurance is and what it provides. What is business insurance? Business insurance includes a broad range of policy options designed to protect a business from financial loss. Every commercial operation has a unique set of risks which means that the insurance must be tailored for each business so that the finances of the company are protected. What does business insurance cover? Just a sample of what business insurance protects are: General Read More

7 Tips to Grow Workplace Wellness

Healthy employees will keep your business happy and steady! With these workplace wellness tips, the morale of your team will improve and the health services bills will decrease, leading your company to success! The lower costs and healthy employees improve your company and each individual’s health. Here are 7 tips to start your company and employees on the road to wellness! Take advantage of low-cost or free services that your health plan provider offers. Practice healthy habits Read More

Your Smartphone & Your Cyber Liability Risk

How To Minimize Your Cyber Liability Risk In the digital age, our smartphones make everything easier. They also expose us to risk, though. As more and more digital data is stored on our mobile devices, it is becoming more and more important for business owners to think about minimizing their cyber liability risk. Here are a few ways to safeguard your smartphone. Lock It Down: Do not make it easy for a thief to pick up your phone and gain instant access to all of the data stored on it. Put Read More

Protecting Your Home-Based Business

How To Safeguard Your Hard Work You know better than anyone that just because you work from home does not mean you work less, or less hard. In fact, you have poured countless hours and energy into your home-based business. Have you protected all of that investment? It is a common misconception that because your business is run out of your home, your homeowners insurance coverage is sufficient to protect it. If you submit a business-related claim to your home insurer, though, you will Read More