What Does a Speeding Ticket Do to Your Insurance?

A speeding ticket may increase your auto insurance premium, but why does it do that?  Every auto insurance policy is based on statistics that were created in order to best ascertain the risk of the insured. Auto insurance policies measure this risk and apply it to individuals, such as yourself, when you apply for insurance. The risk measures your chances of filing a claim due to an accident. The higher your risk of this claim-potential, the more of a liability you are to your insurance company, Read More

Boys and Girls: Which Teens Are the Better Drivers?

Are boys really better drivers than girls? It's a common stereotype that we hear on a near daily basis, but what does the science say? The influence of society is a powerful thing and whether you are aware of it or not, it does influence your everyday decisions. Like how many of us buy brand-name cereals despite the fact their off-brand is nearly identical. Why? Societal influence, of course. We don't want to appear poor, so we bite the bullet and spend an extra dollar or two to make ourselves Read More

Car Rental Accidents or Fees Should Not Ruin Your Vacation

Always check with your insurance agent: car rental insurance may or may not be your best option. After a long trip to your desired destination, the last thing you want to be doing is filling out more forms. Without thinking, you probably accepted the car rental insurance that is provided at the time you sign-off on your rental car only to find out that you’ve been driving with two identical insurance policies. Know if rental car insurance is something that you need when you begin your deserved Read More

Marriage & Car Insurance

When it comes to romance, we can think of nothing greater than combining car insurance policies. At first glance, marriage and car insurance may seem to have nothing to do with each other, but upon closer inspection (go-go gadget: reading glasses!), you’ll see that the two are actually intertwined. In the same way that marriage impacts your taxes, they may have the same impact on your auto insurance. Here are some ways in which your marriage will be affecting your auto insurance, and how you Read More

3 Spring Break Safety Tips for College Students

Following these tips will ensure a fun and safe spring break. Each year, more than 1.5 million students go on spring break, the peak travel season that poses many risks for both college-aged men and women. The truth is that spring break can lead to very nasty behavior such as sexual assault, alcohol poisoning, serious injury, and much more. Being safe doesn’t mean you can’t have fun—on the contrary, staying safe will ensure you have fun (and are able to remember it). Here are 3 spring break Read More

3 Tips You Need to Know About Proof of Loss

The basics everyone should know about proof of loss. The Proof of Loss is a legal document made by the insured to allow their claim to be determined under their insurance policy. Adjusters may say that this document is “pretty straight forward,” but any normal person who’s ever filled one out knows that Proof of Loss and easy are not synonyms of one another, rather they’re more like antonyms. Here are a few basic things you must know if you want your Proof of Loss claim to be quick and get your Read More

What To Look For While Shopping For Your Next Car

Follow these tips to help you find the right car for your needs. When shopping for a new car, there are many things to consider. Along with choosing the color and style that you want, it is important to ensure that you choose a safe vehicle. Use these safe car shopping tips to help you find the right, and safest car, to meet your needs. Weight and size Physics show that large, heavy cars are safer than small, light vehicles. During a crash, heavier vehicles tend to push lighter ones Read More