When to Repair or Replace a Cracked Windshield

Do you know when a windshield crack is big enough to need replacement or be repaired? Knowing the difference could save you from stresses of last minute decisions. You're driving behind a truck with a tarp over the truck bed carrying quite literally a ton of rocks and debris. As you're in the middle of thinking, please don't hit my windshield a little rock falls off. Everything is moving in slow-motion for you as you see the rock take a large bounce and head straight for your windshield. It Read More

Making a Speeding Ticket Quick & Painless

How to handle receiving a speeding ticket. Whether you were intentionally speeding to make a green light, get to work on time, or you just nudged past the limit to merge, you can quickly find yourself on the receiving end of a ticket. If you are left with a fine in hand, be sure that you know how to handle it so that the impact and damage are minimal! For a speeding ticket, you have a couple of options: The Quick Method: Pay the fine This is the quickest way to resolve the ticket and Read More

Talking Turkey: Safety Cooking Tips

Hosts, keep an eye on your Thanksgiving safety. The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially on Thanksgiving when there is a festive feast being prepared! If your house is due to be bustling with people while you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, review these fire prevention tips beforehand: Avoid wearing any loose or dangling clothing while cooking. (You can do a quick outfit change before sitting down to tuck into dinner!) Keep children and pets away from the stove and Read More

Renovating Your Home? Know the Top ROIs

Get the most out of your home renovation. When making a house a home, you may decide for some slight, or major, renovations. Whether you are redoing the kitchen or extending the deck, home remodels often lead to an increased home resale value. Before signing with the contractor, be aware that your remodeling project may not supply you with the return on investment (ROI) that you expect. The top 5 remodeling projects by ROI are: Replacing the front door with a new steel door Adding a Read More

Protecting Your Home-Based Business

How To Safeguard Your Hard Work You know better than anyone that just because you work from home does not mean you work less, or less hard. In fact, you have poured countless hours and energy into your home-based business. Have you protected all of that investment? It is a common misconception that because your business is run out of your home, your homeowners insurance coverage is sufficient to protect it. If you submit a business-related claim to your home insurer, though, you will Read More

Car Maintenance & Insurance For Teens

What Your Teen Driver Needs To Know Before your teen can get his or her license, he or she will need to attend driver’s education. Ideally, that would teach your teen everything he or she needs to know, but there are a couple of areas driver’s education often only glosses over. One of them is maintenance. While you do not need to teach your teen to dissemble an engine, it is a good idea to ensure that he or she at least knows how to properly care for the car’s tires. After all, those tires Read More