Does General Liability Insurance Cover Everything?

The short answer is no. But let’s take a deeper look into what general liability insurance does not cover. General liability is an important insurance policy for all business owners, but every business owner should know that this crucial insurance policy does not cover every incident. In fact, there are many more things that general liability insurance […]

Making a Speeding Ticket Quick & Painless

How to handle receiving a speeding ticket. Whether you were intentionally speeding to make a green light, get to work on time, or you just nudged past the limit to merge, you can quickly find yourself on the receiving end of a ticket. If you are left with a fine in hand, be sure that […]

After Storm Tips To Protect Your Home And Your Family

Living in North Texas means living in "Tornado Alley".  Although your chances of personally getting hit by a tornado are relatively slim, it could happen.  The best thing you can do for you and your family is to have a plan and part of that plan should be knowing exactly what to do if your […]