Insurance As Part of Your Disaster Plan

Spring tornado season is here and with the approach of hurricane season on June 1st, it is once again time to prepare in case of a disaster. Insurance should be a part of any such preparations. Here is how insurance should be a part of your disaster plan. Make sure you have an updated household inventory. Your inventory should contain every personal possession you own and its value. Make sure you keep a copy of your home inventory and other important papers off-site. Check with your agent Read More

Preparing Your Home for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike without warning and cause hazardous destruction to your home. Here are some tips for preparing a disaster plan to keep your home safe through natural events that could strike in your region: Downpour and Flooding – calk exterior cracks, install a waterproof membrane along the foundation and apply sealant to your basement walls. Severe Winter Storms – Keep snow cleared from windows and walls, rake deep snow from the roof and insulate exposed Read More