Finding Group Health Ins. Everyone is Happy With

Health insurance is a big part of many individual’s job choices. Health insurance is a critical part of any job and it is important that when choosing an insurance plan, everyone’s needs are included. Though finding a plan that everyone is 100% happy with may not be possible, it is possible to find a great […]

Oct. 24: Iron Man 3 Outdoor Screening

The McKinney Community Center is always a great place to go and have a good time.  On October 24th they will be hosting an outdoor movie night!  Bring the whole family and join your friends and neighbors for a special outdoor screening of Iron Man 3.  Watch as Robert Downey Jr. resumes his dual role of […]

What is covered by a standard homeowner’s policy?

As a homeowner, insurance is mandatory. One of the main things you should know in-depth is your standard homeowner’s policy. This is important, and you should also review it once a year to make sure there are no changes that you are not aware of. What exactly does this type of policy cover? Structural Damage […]