Self Employed? You Need To Read This

The right insurance policies can help to protect your business if you are your own boss. Being self-employed is a dream for many. From making your own schedule to completely eliminating your morning commute, there are many benefits of working for yourself. However, just like working for a corporation, there are many risks that you face when you are self-employed. To ensure that your business is protected, keep these self-employed insurance considerations in mind. Liability insurance – Read More

Understanding How Seniors Feel About Health Insurance

Less Tech Savvy Seniors Navigating The New World Of Insurance When it comes to insurance for seniors, it is important to consider the fact that those in their golden years are less tech savvy. Most “Get a Quote” experiences happen online and many are enrolling for health insurance using marketplaces found online. Therefore, it is important to take a closer look at how seniors feel about the new world of health insurance. Many seniors admit that they have so much difficulty choosing their Read More

Don’t Miss The Open Enrollment Period!

Affordable Care Act: What You Need To Know With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, health insurance is now a requirement for every American. While many may view this requirement as a burden, every individual deserves to receive essential health benefits. The Obamacare open enrollment period will carry on through February 15, 2015. In order to avoid paying a penalty for not having health insurance, you must seek coverage before the open enrollment period ends. The only way around Read More

Insurance Essentials for College Students

Going off to college means that you will probably have more freedom than any other time in your life. However, it is important to remember that with freedom comes danger. Make sure to invest in the following insurance policies when going to college to ensure that you are covered in any situation. Health insurance. Most likely, you will still be covered under your parent’s health insurance policy. If you do not qualify for health insurance from your parents, your school will most likely offer Read More

Insurance Changes after Divorce

Getting a divorce is never an easy process. Along with dividing your assets, you also have to consider your insurance policies. Make sure to look into these insurance policies before your sign the final papers. Auto insurance. When you split up your auto insurance policies, you will no longer be able to qualify for a multi-policy discount. Luckily, there are many other factors that go into considering your premiums, such as your driving history. Health insurance. If you are currently Read More

10 Tips on Selecting the Right Insurance Plan

Due to the many options provided by Obamacare, choosing the right health insurance coverage can be a challenge. Here are 10 tips that can help you get started. 1. Determine what you need in health coverage to include maternity care, care for pre-existing conditions, etc.  2. Check to see if your current plan is “grandfathered in” and if you need adjustments to your existing coverage.     3. If you’re changing plans, research your options carefully and Read More

How Using Eco-Friendly Products is Better for Your Health

Going green is a great way to improve physical health because it prevents exposure to potentially harmful synthetic chemical compounds. Although health insurance is an important part of maintaining good health, it is still important to find safer ways to get through spring cleaning. Reduced Toxic Exposure A key reason to consider switching to eco-friendly products is the exposure to toxic chemicals. Traditional commercial products are often full of chemical compounds, many of which are not Read More