Creating The Perfect New Year’s Resolutions

Follow these tips to help you come up with the right resolutions for 2016. As 2015 comes to an end, you may be thinking of your New Year’s resolutions. While thinking about what your goals should be, you should figure out what direction you want your life to go. To help you decide on the right resolutions for your needs, keep these tips in mind. Make three goals – sticking to just three goals for the year can help your resolutions seem much more manageable. Figure out what you want to stop, Read More

Three Tips For Keeping That Older Car On The Road

When it comes to living on a budget, relying on an older car is usually part of the plan. Vehicles that aren't brand new really rely on regular maintenance to keep running so well. A healthy car is an inexpensive one, so follow these simple tips. Remember to flush your coolant at least once a year and replace it with fresh fluid to keep the extreme heat of the engine from damaging it. Just topping it up only works for so long, and then a full replacement is needed. Stick to your oil change Read More