Safeguard Your Belongings with a Video Inventory

There is nothing as terrible as not being able to claim the insurance you deserve, only because you didn’t make an inventory of your possessions. With a smartphone video inventory for your home, you would have the digital proof of your valuables to send to your insurance provider. Let’s look at the steps to make […]

Create a Home Inventory to Help Your Homeowners Policy

Every homeowners insurance policy needs a home inventory in order for your insurance company to properly process your homeowners claim.  Would you be able to remember every single thing in your home if it were to suddenly be burnt to a crisp or completely destroyed by some other covered disaster? Chances are you do not […]

Helpful Tips For Optimizing Your Home Inventory

Home Inventory 101 A home inventory provides homeowners with confidence that they will be able to handle any disaster with ease. If you have been putting off making a home inventory all this time, it is time to buckle down so that you and your personal belongings can be adequately protected. Keep these home inventory […]