Simple & Effective Gardening Tricks

There are many simple and effective gardening tips and tricks you can use to make your garden grow brightly and healthily.  There are definitely challenges to gardening. You may think that in order to grow the best garden you need to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the best equipment and fertilizers, but that's not entirely the case. There are simple and effective gardening tips you can use to help you plant your best garden. In order to remove the salt deposits from the Read More

Create a Home Inventory to Help Your Homeowners Policy

Every homeowners insurance policy needs a home inventory in order for your insurance company to properly process your homeowners claim.  Would you be able to remember every single thing in your home if it were to suddenly be burnt to a crisp or completely destroyed by some other covered disaster? Chances are you do not have an eidetic memory, and would only remember the things you used the most, like your coffee table, couches, TV, clothes, computer, and other like-things. This is where a home Read More

Which Disasters Are Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers you for many disasters, but which ones specifically, and which ones does it not cover? The standard homeowners insurance policy covers a diverse and wide range of disasters. Everything you need to know is inside of your home insurance policy, but the language can be a bit arduous to decipher. If this is the case, you can talk to your insurance agent and get a clear understanding of what is and is not covered. To get a broad idea of what is covered by the general Read More

What Is a Smart Home Alarm System?

Smart alarm systems give homeowners more freedom and could save them money over traditional home alarm systems. Is a home alarm system right for you and your home? With property crimes happening each and every day, many people look to home security alarm systems to protect their home. At the same time, technology is advancing at an exponential rate–with the capacity of a storage car nearly doubling every year. This advance in technology has allowed many facets of life to become integrated into Read More

How Smart Home Technology Can Detect and Prevent Fire

Smart technology can work together and help detect and prevent fires in your home, but how can such technology be capable of such a feat? There are a few complementary smart devices that could help detect and prevent a fire from damaging your home which can seriously minimize damage by notifying you directly. While traditional smoke detectors are designed to alert the people inside the home, smart home technology is able to alert other smart devices (like your phone), regardless of where you Read More

When to Replace Your Roof

Roofs, like everything in the universe, have an expiration date, and it's up to you to make sure your home has the right protection.  A proper home requires a proper roof to protect it from the harsh realities of the outside world. Every roof, no matter where you live, takes a pummeling from Mother Nature and requires updating and replacing every few decades or so. Roofs were created with the climate in mind, so whether you live in a sunny, rainy, windy, snowy environment (or all four), you Read More

Filing a Home Insurance Claim: The Dos and Don’ts

Knowing when to file an insurance is important if you want to keep on good terms with your home insurance company.  No one likes experiencing home damage. It can be an extremely traumatic, costly, and it may even disrupt your entire life. Unfortunately, accidents happen even to the most careful of homeowners. When it comes to taking advantage of your insurance benefits and filing a home insurance claim, there are things you can do to help things go more smoothly. Here are some dos and Read More