Homeowners Insurance Tips You Really Need to Use

These important homeowners insurance tips can help you find the right policy. Buying homeowners insurance is a big deal. You’ve invested a significant sum in your house – not the mention the stuff you store in it – and you’re going to rely on this single policy to protect your home and your belongings. We […]

Stop Making These 4 Bad Excuses for Not Buying Life Insurance

If you’re using any of these excuses for not buying life insurance, it’s time to stop. We get it. Life insurance isn’t the most fun topic. Not a lot of people get really excited about insurance, and when you factor in your own morbidity, you come up with a combo that can seem like a […]

June is National Camping Month! Celebrate With These Essentials

If you head into the great outdoors during National Camping Month, pack these essentials. Welcome to National Camping Month! The warm weather brings the perfect opportunity to get out of your routine and get outside. Sleeping under the stars, trekking through nature, enjoying marshmallows and screen-free time with your family and friends – there are […]

Three Steps to Achieving Perfect Spring Lawn

Kick off your spring gardening right by fixing the things everyone will notice first: the lawn. Lawns are the face of yards everywhere. If your grass looks about as sad as a Philip Larkin poem, you may think that all hope is lost. Giving your grass some attention towards the end of winter will definitely pay […]

What is Umbrella Insurance & Why You May Need It

Umbrella insurance works like an umbrella when your current insurance policy can’t keep the rain out. While it’s easy to assume that only the wealthy would need that much insurance coverage, you’d be surprised at how important an umbrella policy can be for an average member of the middle class. For example, if you have a […]

How Long Should Your Term Life Insurance Policy Be?

Term life insurance won’t last forever, so how long should it last? With term life insurance coverage ranging from 1 to 40 years, choosing the right amount of insurance can seem like picking a needle in a haystack. Or better yet, a hay in a needle stack. The best term length depends on one thing, […]

Three Auto Insurance Discounts for Good Drivers

If you qualify as a good driver then you might be eligible for these good driver discounts. Auto insurance companies—and all insurance companies for that matter—use statistics to predict a driver’s likelihood of getting into a car accident, and then set their rates accordingly. If you’re a good driver in their books, you can get […]

Car Rental Accidents or Fees Should Not Ruin Your Vacation

Always check with your insurance agent: car rental insurance may or may not be your best option. After a long trip to your desired destination, the last thing you want to be doing is filling out more forms. Without thinking, you probably accepted the car rental insurance that is provided at the time you sign-off […]

Marriage & Car Insurance

When it comes to romance, we can think of nothing greater than combining car insurance policies. At first glance, marriage and car insurance may seem to have nothing to do with each other, but upon closer inspection (go-go gadget: reading glasses!), you’ll see that the two are actually intertwined. In the same way that marriage […]