What Does a Speeding Ticket Do to Your Insurance?

A speeding ticket may increase your auto insurance premium, but why does it do that?  Every auto insurance policy is based on statistics that were created in order to best ascertain the risk of the insured. Auto insurance policies measure this risk and apply it to individuals, such as yourself, when you apply for insurance. The risk measures your chances of filing a claim due to an accident. The higher your risk of this claim-potential, the more of a liability you are to your insurance company, Read More

Making a Speeding Ticket Quick & Painless

How to handle receiving a speeding ticket. Whether you were intentionally speeding to make a green light, get to work on time, or you just nudged past the limit to merge, you can quickly find yourself on the receiving end of a ticket. If you are left with a fine in hand, be sure that you know how to handle it so that the impact and damage are minimal! For a speeding ticket, you have a couple of options: The Quick Method: Pay the fine This is the quickest way to resolve the ticket and Read More