Three Tips for Home Maintenance This Spring

Daylight savings time is here, giving everyone more evening sunlight. After you’ve adjusted to this time change, use those evening hours to get a jump on some spring home maintenance chores. Tackle one task each evening, and by the time warm weather is here, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors guilt-free. 1. Change […]

Update Your Homeowners Insurance This Spring

With spring almost here, you may be thinking about upcoming home improvement projects and spring cleaning. Now is also the time to think about updating your homeowners insurance policy.  Look over the total amount covered on your homeowners insurance policy. Remember that your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover the replacement price of your home, if […]

Spring Driving Safety Tips

Spring is just around the corner! Follow these safety tips to help you stay safe in spring driving conditions.  Be aware of potholes. Roads take a beating in winter and some of them may not be fixed until late spring or summer. Watch out for potholes and slow down if you’re forced to drive through one. […]