Hazy Skies and Health Worries as Wildfire Smoke Blankets US Cities

Smoke from Canada wildfires reaches US cities:  Smoke from Canadian wildfires has spread to US cities, creating a pungent haze and reducing visibility.

Air quality worsens due to wildfire smoke:  The smoke has polluted the air with harmful particles and ozone, leading to unhealthy air quality levels that can irritate the lungs and eyes.

Wildfire smoke poses serious health risks:  Breathing in wildfire smoke can cause respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy complications, and cognitive impairment.

People advised to protect themselves from wildfire smoke: Health officials recommend staying indoors, closing windows, wearing masks, avoiding strenuous activities, and checking local air quality reports. Those with underlying health conditions should seek medical attention if experiencing symptoms.

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Wildfire effects in Texas: Texas, impacted by Canada's wildfires, experiences hazy conditions, limited visibility, and higher ozone risks. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality urges emission reduction and energy conservation with an ozone action day.

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